Guidelines for Your Move

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Please take a look at the guidelines below to ensure that you and your home are prepared for the move. Call Quality Pack & Load for further inquiries.

Customer Information

Customer Information

  • If possible, arrange for an alternate location for children and pets for their safety
  • It is always nice to secure a parking spot
  • Quality Pack & Load rug runners will not be used if there are other crews present or if the floors are dirty or have pet hair
  • Keep an eye out for excessive dust
  • Any open top boxes or totes will be voided of liability
  • Apartment buildings with a closed-door policy are a big issue. Not being able to block a door open increases the risk of damage to belongings and the property. It also takes extra time to block and unblock the door with each trip
  • All appliances need to be dismounted prior to moving. Quality Pack & Load can dismount appliances with a void of liability, but the customer is responsible for wiping any water that spills during the dismount, the handling, and transport of the appliance
  • Electrical cords need to be disconnected and taken by the customer along with the electrical devices, unless Quality Pack & Load is professionally packing the household goods
  • Quality Pack & Load needs to be advised of any trees that could damage our truck
  • If we are loading into a truck or trailer that does not belong to Quality Pack & Load, the customer needs to provide straps, pads, blankets, or cardboard for protection or we are void of liability. Quality Pack & Load is not responsible during transportation






Estimates, Fees, and Scheduling

  • On Sundays, we charge time-and-a-half of weekday rates
  • As a service provider, we expect payment upon completion of the job
  • An estimate is not a guaranteed price. Estimates are given for the amount of work expressed by the customer based on averages. If the amount of work changes from the original explanation, the estimate will change as well
  • Outright cancellation of scheduled move date will result in a loss of any deposits
  • If your scheduled time slot is not in the morning, the arrival time is not guaranteed. You will be called one hour in advance and will be given an estimated arrival time