Protect Your Family Heirloom

Get expert piano moving services in Bismarck & Dickinson, ND

Pianos are not only expensive and delicate, but they can also have sentimental memories attached to them. Hiring the right piano movers is a must if you want to ensure your family heirloom arrives safely at your new home. That's why you should choose Quality Pack & Load in Bismarck & Dickinson, ND.

It's our top priority to keep your piano protected throughout the move. For high-quality piano moving services, contact us today.

There's no limit on the types of pianos we transport

There's no limit on the types of pianos we transport

Some companies that claim to offer piano moving services are only equipped to move smaller pianos, but Quality Pack & Load is different. Our piano movers have years of experience transporting:

  • Spinets/ consoles
  • Mid Uprights
  • Full size uprights
  • Baby grands
  • Concert grands
  • Organs

We also offer comprehensive gun safe moving services. If you want to make sure your large or bulky item arrives safely, schedule an appointment today.